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SPECTRUM Real Estate Management GmbH

SPECTRUM Real Estate Management GmbH is an independent real estate consulting company. We offer a wide variety of services for international real estate investments to our customers.

Personal contacts to decision makers of major European investors are the base for long-term success in real estate. Our know-how includes structuring of investment vehicles, real estate investments and asset management.

SPECTRUM Real Estate Management GmbH provides a dynamic service portfolio for the development and marketing of attractive properties: excellent opportunities for our partners and investors to ensure sustainable profit over the entire investment cycle.

We provide a proven set of methods to ensure detailed information regarding value and long-term development of the intended investment.

Our strengths include customised solutions for real estate investment strategies und project developments as well as the consulting for real estate projects – starting from the idea, over financing, up to implementation.

SPECTRUM Real Estate Management GmbH business principles

We have remarkable know-how and experience in international real estate markets and bank on an experienced management with a long-term track record and customised bespoke consulting strategy.

For the benefit of our clients we have long-term established business contacts to leading decision makers in real estate markets, institutional investors, family offices and high net worth individual.

Our clients include:

• Institutional and private investors

• Family offices and investment managers

• Asset managers and investment trusts

• Foundations

• Insurance companies

• Pension and pension funds

• Real estate project developers

• Building project managers

• Commercial banks and financial service companies

• Investment banks

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